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Rufus Chickus Magnetus
"Mutts with winkles rule!"
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Shar Pei + Golden Retriever = Rufus

In 2007, Rufus won "Cutest Dog in America" category in NBC Digital Media's Dog Show USA
sponsored by Purina
and 1st place in WEtv's "Picture Perfect Puppy Contest"

Rufus is a Shar Pei & Golden Retriever mutt & was born on 5-19-06. He was found on
PetFinder.com and adopted
from the Clinton Co. Humane Society on 7-20-06 at 9.5 lbs. - 18 inches long.

Rufus Chickus Magnetus
R.I.P. May 2006 - January 2016



Jan - 2014:
Rufus has a new brother.
Kkoma is a Chihuahua / Shih Tzu mix.

  May - 2010:
Rufus turned FOUR years old on 5-19-10! Happy Birthday!

WeTV Contest PhotoFeburary - 2010:
Rufus was entered into the newest
WEtv's "Picture Perfect Puppy Contest" Please click on this link to cast your vote! Voting ends on 2/22/2010


July - September - 08:
Check out Rufus on his Summer Vacation Trip in 2008 to the West Coast!


November - 07:
Check out his first Halloween party video shot with Rufus Cam!

Rufus recently entered a new contest to be in a commercial for Circuit City as the Firedog. The best thing about this contest is the prize! If he wins first place, $50,000 or more will be donated to a local Humane Society. All the details are [HERE].


Watch Rufus photo slide show growing up here!

See the story book of his trip to the NBC Today Show here!

See how Rufus spent his Summer '08 Vacation here!

Watch Rufus videos and get his IPod movies here! (Updated on 12-12-07)

Rufus photos for MySpace pages/comments are here!
(Updated on 2-13-08)

Rufus Cam information and videos are here!
(Updated on 8-7-07)

  October - 07:
Habitat for Dogmanity
10:00 – 2:00 PM, October 21st 2007
Help the most deserving animals in the Indianapolis community. Come to Indianapolis Animal Care and Control (IACC) and spend the day building dog houses and working on the grounds of IACC. [more...]

Sept - 07:
Rufus appeared on MTN TV in Boone, N.C. to raise money to help homeless pets.
See all his TV appearances and the special event coverage here...

About $100 was raised in one hour for High Country Friends for Life. HDFFL is a network of volunteers that take dogs and cats abandoned at Animal Control, foster them, and then get them adopted through Petfinder.com


August - 07:
"Rufus Cam" tests are completed and can be seen here.
Rufus appears recently in his first infomercial.

Rufus will be making a special appearance in Boone, N.C. during the weekend of August 18th in the parking lot of Lowes Home Improvement Store from 1pm to 2 pm Sat. August 18th to benefit "High Country Friends for Life". If you donate you will receive a photo taken with him and/or a "pawtographed" 8 by 10 color photo of Rufus. Rufus will also be snoring by Bass Lake watching the wild ducklings that week.


July - 07:
Rufus wins first place in the WE tv "Picture Perfect Puppy Contest"! I guess he could be the cutest dog in the world. [See Here]

Rufus's One Year Anniversary CakeThe Clinton County Humane Society Party
Rufus made a personal appearance on Friday July 20th from 5 to 6 PM to benefit the Clinton County Humane Society. A short movie clip is here. During his visit he donated a few items that he has won in his online contests. This event was a special celebration of his 1 year anniversary of his adoption from the CCHS on July 20th, 2006. For donations, "pawtographed" mini posters of Rufus and personal photos were given. Cake and ice cream was served! What fun we all had!


June - 07:
RufCam.com Development.
"Rufus Cam" is under development and will be used to film promotional live webcasts and video clips of outdoor/indoor events that are viewed from the eyes and ears of Rufus. Rufus Cam uses a wireless color video camera and microphone attached to the top of a harness collar.

May - 07:
'Chickus Magnetus Promotions' is in public beta.
Broadcast a live video webcast during your next event or performance from any web page

April - 07:
Dogster.com Takes the Lead in news about food recalls.
The Dogster.com homepage about all pet food recalls is [here].
The first pet food recall RSS news feed is now available [here].

Feb - 07:
Rufus wins "Cutest Dog in America " category in NBC Digital Media's Dog Show USA sponsored by Purina! Rufus appeared NBC Today Show on Saturday Feb. 24th with NBC anchors Lester Holt and Campbell Brown [Watch it here]. The new 30 page story book of his trip to the "big apple" is [here]. Rufus's appearance on NBC was mentioned in Dogster's Corporate Blog for Feb 23rd, 2007 [Read it here]. Rufus could just be the cutest dog in the world!

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Rufus supports
Walk a Hound Lose a Pound
See the new infomercial
for walkAhound.org that
Rufus appears in.




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Some Recent Rufus Photos
(Updated on 12-3-07)

Rufus Chickus Magnetus at 16 months
19 months old

19 months old

19 months old

Rufus Puppy Photos
(click a thumbnail image below to see the large photo or see the slide show here)

Rufus 8 weeks
8 weeks old
9.5 lbs
Rufus 9 weeks
9 weeks old
11.0 lbs
Rufus 10 weeks
10 weeks old
8-4-06 at
12.2 lbs
Rufus 11 weeks
11 weeks old
15.0 lbs
Rufus 12 weeks
12 weeks old
17.0 lbs
Rufus 13 weeks
13 weeks old
18.5 lbs
Rufus 14 weeks
14 weeks old
20.0 lbs
Rufus 15 weeks
15 weeks old
21.0 lbs
Rufus 16 weeks
16 weeks old
23.0 lbs
Rufus 17 weeks
17 weeks old
25.0 lbs
Rufus 18 weeks
18 weeks old
25.5 lbs
Rufus 19 weeks
19 weeks old
27.0 lbs
Rufus 20 weeks
20 weeks old
28.0 lbs
Rufus 21 weeks
21 weeks old
29.0 lbs
Rufus 22 weeks
22 weeks old
31.4 lbs
Rufus 23 weeks
23 weeks old
32.5 lbs

Rufus 24 weeks
24 weeks old
35.0 lbs

Rufus 25 weeks
25 weeks old
36.0 lbs

Rufus 26 weeks
26 weeks old
Rufus 27 weeks
27 weeks old
Rufus 28 weeks
28 weeks old
Rufus 29 weeks
29 weeks old

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The Rufus 25 week growth chart

The Humane Society of the United States - Humane Index

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